Grey Color Checker Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Grey Color Checker Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Golden Hope
  • Guangdong,P.R.China
  • 30 days
  • 300000pcs

Grey Color Checker Microfiber Cleaning CLoth:
1. Grey color parts are P/N shiney FDY microfiber.
2. Black color lines are P/N shiney black FDY MICROFIBER(selling point). We don't use regular polyester fiber for the lines,
because the regular polyester is hard,not good for cleaning,and also if use regular polyester fiber,the fabric surface will
not be smooth. Because we use microfiber in both parts,so the cloth has nice appearance and soft hand touch.
3. High quality that the checker are in square.
4. Excellent workmanship in stitching.
5. Size and weight are according to customers.

Microfiber is regular fiber before splitting,it is suitable for many kinds of weavings and knittings. To "make"the fiber into micfiber,it needs a special splitting process,a unique blend of polyester (for high water absorbency) and polyamide (for strengh and softness) are splitted and seperated into multiple wedge shaped strands,which DPF (denier per filament) is approximately 0.11-0.15D, 100 times finer than human hair. The wedge shaped strands are woven into the microfiber cleaning cloths, which features amazing softness,water absorbency and incredible cleaning ability.

The capillary effect of microfiber which enable the microfiber cleaning cloths to clean thoroughly and polish at the same time.

* High water absorption, it can absorpt 7 times of its own weight in liquid.

* Ultra soft hand touch.

* Cleaning without chemicals, absorpts and holds the dirts like a powerful magnet.

* Lint free and non-abrasive.

* Effective and durable,save time,money,labour and water. It's Eco-friendly and environment safe.

* Machine washable.

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